This is a window into my experience of movement through life as a human being.  I want to share with you what you can truely discover around this planet, and that by placing yourself in another culture, climate, pace, seeing others lives, you gain a tremendous amount of perspective on the life of your own, the one that you feel you left behind in wherever it is that you thought you were from.

While its integral and beautiful to be on a journey of self discovery, its also important to become engaged with the world around us.  And these two inward and outward work with oneself allows for a deeper sense of being involved in your life.

Let me take you on a journey you will never forget.  Take you somewhere you never realised existed.  Meet other people, other places, and allow your head to explode with wonder.  This is a specially designed itinerary for those who are willing to go well off the beaten path.  For those who will take on spontaneity and willing to safely face unknown outcomes.

These journey’s are designed to maintain a strong practice of yoga asana and learn about living yoga in morals and values, mediation and weave this into our travels, our experiences, and our engagement with the places and people we visit. Become awake, in the world.

Take my hand, and Ill lead you through this wonderland.