you have arrived

in the airport.
the listenings of the new Sigur Ros delicate faerie-like splendor.
what a helper Sigur Ros is in assisting a flow upon a new journey that I can’t identify or describe. I bask in the lyric-less magical sounds. perfect.
a tiny frost
i find on the sil of the flying MACHINE!
i love the feeling in the clouds
the wonderland of clouds

and as we near the motherland, i wonder what exactly awaits.

….a blend of anxiety and excitement which I feel in my chest….

  and an overall sense of wonder seems to dominate anything else.  with each time I feel the anxiety, i remember the trust and carefree nature within me that I know that no matter what, everything is absolutely all right.  yes it is.  thank you. sighs.

In the taxi

on the way in the taxi,

i can see my shadow on the backside of a chair, my earings make hoop spirals in several shades of dancing shadows.

and i can’t believe im here.

my shadow looks back at me into my soul to tell me

that i’m IN it.

that this is, it.


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