eyes bright

turmeric light of gentle skies sift through my window at late dawn, after a meditation and chai (which must go hand in hand)

there is something about this place,

i feel like i’ve been raised by coconut trees.

when i am around them i feel more united with nature and spirit.

in the early hours of the morning, i lay in bed with the fan, wide awake, between a yoga nidra and a game of solitaire…..when a coconut fell to its fate.

i recognised perfectly, the distinct swift sound of the brushing palm leaves as the coconut left its nest, followed by, of course, a very intense pounding.

its better when it lands in soul (i meant soil! freudian oops)….you can feel the ground hum.

maybe its the tropics, for why i feel so good.

ive never felt like this anywhere else in india,

it could be the south

it could be me

or it could be everything.

it is.

nothing is ever the same twice.

so im soaking it in. god, change makes me nostalgic and can be so emotionally trying in the present. phew.

thank you life anyway.


A little family lives below our house.

literally the fixed themselves a space beneath the staircase outside.  A mother, fatehr, two kids and an uncle.  I am in love with the little guy.  I bought him a bunch of toy plastic animals to play with.  He LOVES the tiger and is always holding it, but he wouldn’t take the zebra…..I tried several times for 4 days now. I will go for the elephant tomorrow and see how it goes….

i play a game where i hide the animals…but he hasn’t caught on yet.  we’ll see.


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